It's been a good educational journey teaching a diverse set of students over the past ten years. Interestingly, teaching was not an initial passion, but after the thrill of flying an International airline as an Air-stewardess had taken its toll, I was resigned to pursuing something more stable, perhaps more fulfilling and that's when becoming a teacher came to mind. I gather, it's been the best decision of my life, primarily because you stay young at heart forever - think about it - you are surrounded by the love and laughter of children, their affection, their innocence, moments that put a smile on your face at the best of times. Better still, you get to re-live childhood through their eyes. Now how many of us have forgotten what it was like to be a child due to the trials that life hurls at us - spending almost your entire day in the midst of children is a constant pleasant reminder. Other than teaching, I also love the outdoors, going on biking trails, walking adventures and anything sporty! I love playing the piano too -helps me unwind after a busy school day.


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